Original School - Sketch by Vernon Mackey
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Rising Sun High School 
Alumni Association

P.O. Box 672
Rising Sun, MD  21911
Sketch of the original Pearl Street School Building (1924) 
by Vernon Mackey

    President.................................Dale Johnson (Class of 1977)
     Vice-President..............Donna McNeill Miles (Class of 1968)
     Secretary/Treasurer......Kim Dugan Johnson (Class of 1980)

​                      COMMITTEE MEMBERS
                Ruth Nesbitt Kester                    Class of 1946
                     Amy Haines                                Class of 1985
                     Jacqueline Nickle England         Class of 1956
                     Jean Hare Weir                          Class of 1952  
                     Joan Reynolds Van Dyke           Class of 1960
                     JoAnne Terry McCardell             Class of 1961
                     Marie Duvall Madron                   Class of 1961
                     Butch Brumfield                          Class of 1963
                     Carolyn Benjamin Spencer         Class of 1964
                     Ruth Charlton Sedor                   Class of 1965
                     Lois Abel Krewinghous               Class of 1965
                     Sandi Didra                                 Class of 1965
                     Lynda Lieske                              Class of 1965
                     Melissa Copenhaver                   Class of 1965


The 94th Rising Sun High School Alumni Banquet 
will be held on Saturday evening, May 19, 2018 
at the Rising Sun Banquet Hall

For reservations contact: 
Kim Dugan Johnson at 410-658-5043
Email: kimdugan@zoominternet.net